We are in the middle of a global, unprecedented pandemic. The devastation from the COVID-19 virus is unparalleled in our history. 

I am a Registered Nurse... and I have been told by  management that I am "not permitted" to wear PPE/N95 mask - even though they are available and "are locked up" - I work in the Emergency Department. 

Before this moment in time, a nurse would have been disciplined or fired for not wearing the proper PPE to protect  themselves, their patients, and the community at large when dealing with infectious diseases.  

We have all heard stories, information, misinformation.... and we in the healthcare field have watched as the CDC has changed policy regarding PPE; loosening up restrictions for Personal Protective Equipment/PPE that would prevent and at the very least lessen the spread of infection during the worst pandemic that we have seen in our lifetime. 

This website is a place for RNs, Physicians, CNAs, Respiratory Therapists, and ALL caregivers to share their stories ANONYMOUSLY. 

We are fighting a war. The enemy is invisible and we  are being sent into battle with no armor and no weapons. 

Let's gather and share our experiences here so that when this is over there can be a reckoning. 

The intention is to collect enough data and stories, so that when this is over, we can collectively force a national debrief. 

Things must change. 

I took an oath as a Registered Nurse "....to not assist in malpractice." "...and to do all in my power to raise the standards and prestige of the practice of nursing." 

I will honor that oath.

My intention is to gather, document, and share stories from this extraordinary and tragic situation from other nurses and healthcare providers so that when this is over we can demand that the standards of healthcare, patient care, and nursing practice are raised and upheld as we move forward into what, no doubt will be, a new world. 

Please join me.

   Angela Allen, BSN, RN-BC